28 June 2010

1977 ascent of Rockall

Brian Cunningham is an old acquaintance and a man with more than a little taste for adventure. He also has excellent taste in motorbikes, having rocked Ducatis for many years before going for a Beemer GS, set a world record for a kite-buggy crossing of the Gobi Desert, is a hardcore endurance runner and got up to lots of silly stuff, including many adventures at sea, during his well-lived life.

He went to Rockall from Portrush on a Rival 34 in 1977. The boat was owned by Ian Reynard and Brian is quick to point out that in the days before GPS it is testament to Ian’s navigational skills that they found the rock at all!

Here, courtesy of Brian, are two photos of his 1977 ascent. Rockall’s beacon can be seen to be in good condition in these shots; by 2005 all that was left was the base, which was home to a number of young seabirds.