16 June 2010


June 15th 1997. Three members of Greenpeace colonise Rockall and declare a new global state, Waveland. Here’s the text of the original press release, taken from: http://archive.greenpeace.org/majordomo/index-press-releases/1997/msg00182.html

(Maybe June 15th would be a good date to start the race? Hmmmm).


ROCKALL, June 15, 1997 At dawn this morning the sun rose on a new country. Greenpeace, the environmental organisation which seized Rockall last week, has rejected complete British sovereignty over the rock and declared a new global state called Waveland.

The declaration, which comes on day six of the Rockall occupation, initiates a new nation state with Rockall as its first capital. The flag of the Global State of Waveland was raised on the rock by the three Greenpeace activists Peter, Meike and Al who are living there in a Solar Survival Capsule. Peter said, "We reject the governance of a country which permits new oil exploration despite professed concern for the climate. Waveland is a new kind of country designed to protect the global commons rather than to exploit it. We hope this is the start of a peaceful revolution. Waveland expresses every person's right to oust destructive governance and replace it with a new one, to put the climate before profits from oil."

The declaration issued this morning says that "present power and past use of nature confers a proportionate responsibility to act in its (the environment's) defence and restitution; and that whenever any form of economy becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government."

Citizenship of Waveland was immediately offered to anyone prepared to take the pledge: "Without violence and by bearing witness, to defend nature, to protect the global commons, to reform industrialism, and to secure peace, believing in action, rather than words." Stressing that Greenpeace did not want to own Rockall, Deputy Executive Director of the organisation Chris Rose said, "Four nations want the oil around Rockall, we do not recognise their right to develop it. We have told Tony Blair that we don't want Rockall itself but that the oil should be set aside for the common good. We are borrowing it until it is freed from the threat of development."

Declaration of the new country is the latest move in Greenpeace's climate campaign to protect the Atlantic Frontier from oil exploration. The organisation argues that at a time when the world has to begin the phase out of fossil fuels and the phase in of renewable energy sources to preserve the climate, encouraging new oil development is senseless and a danger to both the atmosphere and the ocean.

The three first citizens of Waveland, those living on Rockall, called on everyone who share the ideals of protection rather than exploitation to become citizens.

With its one flat ledge less than 70 feet above sea level and only around 14 by 8 feet wide, Rockall is the world's smallest and most vulnerable capital city. Speaking from new capital, Greenpeace activist Peter said, "There is another way to manage the earth's resources: it is for the common good; Waveland gives people who share that conviction a means of demonstrating it and of joining the campaign to achieve it. For these purposes, we no longer recognise the jurisdiction of the British Government, or any other Government over this territory and we call on our citizens to support our commitment to its protection."

Notes to correspondents:

1) People applying for citizenship can call 0800 269 065 or visit the Greenpeace internet site at http://www/greenpeace.org.uk.

2) Formal contact with other Governments and administrative matters will be dealt with in due course.

3) Waveland's aims, principles, purposes and basic policies are set out in the Declaration which draws on the US Declaration of Independence, Agenda 21 and other documents. Waveland follows a long political tradition of establishing campaigning countries.

4) Rockall is the first capital of Waveland but it may move in future.

5) Waveland is a new kind of country, it rejects the Sovereign right of other countries to abuse nature and the global commons, not the overall sovereignty of nation states.

For further information please contact the Greenpeace Press Office on 0171-865 8255/6/7/8