12 August 2010

Hookers. And stickers!

I got a text from Darach O Tuairisg recently wondering if i’d like to go racing on the West of Ireland’s traditional boats over the Bank Holiday weekend. Too right i did! A lovely sunny afternoon and fine fresh breezes (with only one small rain shower) set the perfect scene for between 30 and 40 of the “Hookers”, as they’re called, to enjoy close racing in their classes. (We claimed a 3rd, despite our best efforts to spend the afternoon enjoying ourselves and not caring about the race). The boat was helmed by Darach’s father RuaidhrĂ­ who is one of nature’s gentlemen.

During the afternoon i got some ribbing about the fact that Darach and Robert hadn’t got their Rockall stickers yet. We know, we know! Between holidays, technical muck-ups, printer’s angst and sheer laziness, they’ve taken a little longer than we anticipated. Should be sorted soon. Promise.

(Thanks to Darach for the pics).