10 January 2011

Eleven boats say they'll start

Since announcing the race in June, eleven boats have registered their interest in competing in the inaugural Round Rockall Race which will start from Galway in June 2012. The breakdown by country and class is as follows:

COUNTRY IRL - 5 UK - 4 FRA - 1 OTHER - 1


While it is early days, and these are not confirmed entries, we think it is very encouraging to have such interest. Please spread the word among our fellow sailors, especially in Northern Europe and France; we would love to see some Danish / Faroese interest, and Iceland of course. (And Belgium, actually - we know you guys are out there!). And we think it would be a real missed opportunity if more French boats didn’t make it to the start line, given the French entry in the VOR and the fact that Galway is twinned with Lorient. So please pass the word to the French sailing community; we can communicate in French, but only in the evenings after Yannick’s son has gone to bed! And a shout out to boats from Northern Ireland and Scotland too - come and join the fun.