13 July 2011

Race news

The keen-eyed among you will notice our new-look website. We’ve reformatted everything, combined the blog and the main site, and jiggled the info around a bit. Hope it doesn’t offend anyone!

The even-keener-eyed among you will have noticed the Galway Bay Sailing Club logo up there. That’s because GBSC will be acting as “Club of Record” for the Round Rockall Race. It’s great to have our home club on board in this capacity - our sincere thanks go to Commodore David Vinnell and his officers.

The Notice of Race can now be downloaded here. We will be opening the entry process in due course.

Meanwhile please have a look around our new home, and please continue to spread the word. We’ve had a lot of interest since we launched, it will soon be time to see who will make it to the start line. The recent news of two cancelled expeditions to Rockall reminds us that getting to the start line is a really big part of the achievement on a project like this. Lots of people can say they’ll do this or do that, fewer people set the wheels in motion, and fewer still stick with it when some of those wheels start to fall off - as they invariably do. The very best of luck to all of you in your preparations over the next eleven months.